23 Inches of Traktor Touch Control with Traxus

A little over a month ago I came across a very intriguing photo by another Lemur user, Darren Wood (studiodaz on the forums); I trust you will be as pleased with this rabbit hole as I am:

(if you’re looking for a copy of the Traxus Control Traktor template, you can get it on our sibling site here)

Darren had some how managed to get Lemur running on a 1900×1080 23 inch touch screen monitor and was having a bit of trouble building his template. I gave what advice I could in regards to his template construction… and also proceeded to immediately drop about $400 on the equipment required to reproduce his setup.

Darren Wood

The brains of the operation is an Android MX III TV box, which is basically the chinesse answer to Apple TV except that, as you might expect, it runs Android. But it has one up on Apple TV– any app that you can run on android, you can run on this device, and the latest versions of the Android Kernel support the touch over USB protocol; you get the idea.


After sorting through the Android learning curve, and some support from Darren/others I had a functioning setup… I had to spend some time re-sizing the Traxus Control Traktor template from the iPad resolution to the larger 1920×1080 resolution, and also adjust for the new 16:9 ratio. The Lemur Android App is still a bit rough around the edges but once everything was sorted I was able to perform as if I were using an iPad that was 4 times the size (and the same price)…


…although, not nearly as portable. The HDMI cable, USB, power supplies, monitor and android TV box were a bit of a pain in the ass to move around. So while I was sicker than a dog with a head cold one weekend, I committed the Detroit Techno sin of staying on on a Saturday night and decided to tackle this problem (twice). I made some measurements, cut some wood, bought some hardware and (just as importantly) the shortest lengths of each type of cable that I would need.


Built a Cabinet (the square block in the middle with the holes is where the monitor attaches via its mounting holes)


Next up was the monumental task of fitting all of the electronics in the enclosure such that the monitor would still fit. This looks minor. It was not.


Here is an idea of the clearance I was working with…


Why build one when  you can build two for twice the price (quotes from Contact anyone)?


Ready for action; RIP iPad.

Traxus Control Traktor In action

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