Traktor: Total Control with Lemur

Update: Free to Download! Funding Goal Reached!

After months of development, testing, and an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign which has drawn over 50 contributions from 13 countries across 5 continents, we are proud to present the Liine Lemur Template Traxus Control Traktor for free, in its non-obfuscated form.

Traxus Control Traktor is available, and will reside on the new home of Traxus Interactive LLC. We’ve decided to build a separate website for our projects allowing this blog to linger as an idea basin…

The crowd funding campagin is still active, and will remain active until Friday, October 3, 2014. If you have not yet donated and would like to,

You can Donate Here.You can Download Traxus Control: Traktor Here.Update: Ready For Public Release!

We’re ready to take the template public, and we hope to show other developers that monetizing their hard work does not have to rely on withholding their code from the community. Donate to our crowd funding campaign by Oct 4th to secure your copy, and help make the code open source for everyone.

Secure Your Copy Regardless:

If we reach our funding goal of $600, we upgrade our iPad, and the template goes open source.

If the goal is not met, every donor who contributed $12 or more will receive a functional, obfuscated copy.

If the funding goal is greatly exceeded, we intend to utilize some of the excess funding as prize money for template design contests.

Contributions may be submitted via paypal using the box to the left!



Traxus Control: Traktor is a user created template built in the DIY iPad Midi app Lemur for controlling nearly every aspect of Traktor Scratch Pro. At the expense of tactile feedback, it attempts to challenge the marriage and reliance on traditional controller hardware by offering more accurate visual feedback, smoother user interface, un-paralleled control over the software, and unprecedented flexibility in the face of software updates that would typically render traditional MIDI hardware obsolete.

The most exciting feature of the template are not the traditional Traktor controls that it offers but instead the per-slot Remix deck sequencers that were built in from the vein of the concept DJ Tomash’s presented with the Digital Warrior but with the robust flexibility that only a touch screen software environment could provide.

A second notable feature comes in the form of the template’s unique EFX control platform, which allows the user to select, assign, and control any of Traktor’s 44 effect types to any effect slot in the software. While this broad stroke of control might be reason enough for many Traktor users to breathe a sigh of relief, the intimacy and intuitiveness of the user interface is better seen than explained.

Of course, why stop there; we have covered all the bases: Platter control, Pitch Control Looping, Beat Jumping, Hot Cue Creation, Firing, and Deletion, Mixer Control, Remix Sample Creation and so much more. It is all there, at your fingertips. Too much to fit on one tablet? We didn’t think so; but in case you did feel free to split the interfaces between two or more iPads. Like the EFX control, but prefer your 1200’s for deck management; adjust your layout accordingly!

After countless hours and over one year in development, 250 prerelease versions and 1500 MIDI mappings we are proud to present the first control configuration of its caliber, Traxus Control: Traktor for Lemur.

Specific Features:

Four Deck Control
Full touch control of Traktor’s 4 Decks,  n Track Deck or Remix Deck Modes; Deck readout displaying Master/Slave status, current master BPM and current pitch of deck.

Platter ControlplatterFull control of Traktor’s track decks, including play head jogging/scratching via the platter. Select between Master and Sync modes, deck play and deck pause.

Pitch Controlpitch-platterAdjust track speed using the Coarse and Fine pitch faders for absolute precision. Temporarily slow down or speed up the playing track using the Drag Strip, much the way you would on a real turntable platter; or, make minute, temporary speed adjustments with the nudge buttons. Further refine your adjustments by choosing between 12 of the 14 available pitch ranges in Traktor (2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 50% & 100%)

Hot Cue Controlhotcues

Fire, delete, and create any of Traktor’s six types of cue points, for any of its eight slots for any deck.

Looping and Beat Jump Controlloop-jumpEnable and Disable loops of any length and adjust loop positions or play head position with fully mapped beat jump module.

Remix Deck Control & SamplerIMG_0108

Ability to convert any and all of Traktor’s Decks into Remix Decks, pull samples from other loaded decks, set sample playback types (forward/reverse, loop/one shot & gated/latched). Intuitive user interface allows for starting, stopping, creating, and deleting samples from all sixteen cells in all four slots.  Individual control over slot volume, filter frequency, key lock, FX routing, slot cue and slot punch mode

Remix Deck Sequencer

IMG_0103 IMG_0104Building on the concepts illustrated by  DJ Tomash’s with the Digital Warrior, Each slot of each remix deck features a 16 step monophonic sample sequencer that will slave to the Midi Clock of Traktor; each step in the sequence can fire one of the 16 cells for the parent slot in quarter note denotations. Steps can fire new cells, slide (continue a previously fired cell), or rests ala the TB-303. Each hit can be assigned a unique velocity and filter frequency for the slot. Infrastructure to adjust pitch of each hit is in place, and awaiting the potential that Native Instruments provides slot specific midi mapping for cell pitch. Ability to save and recall patterns, as well as create 32 and 64 step patterns is planned for later versions. Start, stop, and adjustment of sequencer play head position is supported on a per deck basis (all four slots of one deck).

Breathing EFX ControlEFXThe template includes easy to use interface for controlling Traktor’s ‘Three Knob’ effect layout. Choose from any of Traktor’s 44 effects, for any of the three effects knobs for each effect slot. Then control the effects Dry/Wet, as well as the master Dry/Wet with our one of a kind breathing EFX faders that made their debut in Traxus Scratch Live for Serato. Effects’ individual values can be controlled manually by dragging the fader, or by interacting with the ‘Fade in Pad’ at the bottom right of each module; holding the pad will increase the wet value of the effect over a set period of time, letting go will decrease. Automated transitions can be paused and then resumed, or locked at any phase in the transition.

This attack time can be set with the Attack/Release pads above the modules, and will equal the amount of time it takes for the set number of beats to play at the BPM pulled from Traktor’s Midi Clock. The attack time represents the time it takes for the fader to transition from the effect’s home state to the full on wet position. The effect’s home state is defined as wherever the given effect type’s knob is by default according to Traktor’s pre-programed conditions. Similarly, the Release value represents the amount of time it takes for the slider head to transition from a full on wet state, back to the effect’s home state when a release is initiated.

A release can be initiated several ways; the first is to hold the Fade In Pad until you have reached the desired fade in point, and then to release the pad without making any further adjustments to the effect module; the fader cap will drift back to its natural state at the rate determined by the Release time pads. Additionally, if you set the effect value manually by dragging the fader with your finger, the cap will remain where you left it (as opposed to immediately releasing as it would when utilizing the pad). When the fader has been moved away from its home state, and is not in the middle of a transition, it is in the ‘Locked’ state. A fade out release/transition can be initiated on a locked slider by hitting the ‘RELEASE’ button that will appear when a slider is locked, or by initiating a new transition with the Fade in Pad, and then releasing the pad.

File Browsing & Searching, Track Loading, Deck type SelectionIMG_0087Navigate your directories, Favorite tabs, and Files through the File Navigation page. Searching your directory is as simple as typing into the File Navigations Page’s keyboard; focus will automatically be directed to the search field. Once your file has been located it, load it into any of the four decks using the commands above the keyboard. Additionally, you can select whether each of the four decks is a Track Deck or Remix deck in this area. For added readability, selecting the File Navigation page will extend the file browser within Traktor, and exiting it will collapse it.

Mixer ControlIMG_0110Traxus Control: Traktor offers full control over the Traktor Mixer (any of the 3 EQ presets). Volume, cueing, EQ, and filter control is accessible either via the mixer page, whereby all channels can be controlled at once, or on the deck page where per-deck control over the mixer can be accessed while engaging in other deck related tasks.

Bi Directional ControlmappingsTraxus Control: Traktor utilizes over 1500 individual midi mappings for total Bi Directional control such that any keyboard or mouse control by the user that affects Traktor will be picked up by the template, and provide appropriate visual feedback. Each control for each Deck is explicitly mapped (versus deck focus) to allow for multi-tablet control.

Multi Tablet ControlIMG_0063Traxus Control: Traktor was built in such a way as to allow the user(s) to use two or more iPads, in any configuration of pages when controlling Traktor. When launching Traxus Control: Traktor , you will be greeted with a settings page whereby you can opt to disable any of the 10 pages of controls that Traxus Control: Traktor  offers.  Bearing this in mind, you can setup Traxus Control: Traktor to control only the features you would like. For instance, you might opt to control Decks A and B, Effects Channels 1 and 2 on one iPad, and control Decks C and D plus Effects Channels 3 and 4 on another. Alternately you might prefer to control your decks A and B with analog turntables, and only utilize the template to control Effects Channels 1 and 2. If you are feeling lavish, you could purchase 10 iPads and assign each one an individual page! (Though I would warn you to verify you have sufficient Wifi and or Midi bandwidth if pursuing anything like this)

Pre Releases, Availability & Pricing:

Pre Releases
Prerelease copies will be granted to Artists and Press by request following signature or other legal acknowledgment of a non-disclosure agreement.

Availability, Pricing & Distribution
Traxus Control: Traktor will be released to the general public once we have decided on a fair pricing and distribution method. We are currently weighing the costs and benefits of several options, including: ex Post Facto Crowd funding (request donations reach a certain value whereby we take the code open source); pay per license (not per user); controlled free distribution through ad networks as to generate income from advertising; as well as standard donation ware.

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18 Responses to Traktor: Total Control with Lemur

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  2. Mutis says:

    I found this at lemur forum and get uber excited! I spread the word around the whole world (facebook and mail really) and I want to contribute all I can.

    Can I be a lucky pre-released user? I will sign any NDA or so. I want this a lot! (Shut up and take my money please!)

    Expect djworx one soon… I have a “feeling” 😉

  3. Please let me know when it’s on the market! 🙂

    I do mixes like this, and I think it would be very helpful:

  4. jon says:

    I would purchase this right now if it were available. I use Traktor Scratch and I have a copy of Lemur that’s collecting dust on my Ipad. I’d love to get a copy to try out. I use turntables, a Z2 mixer and a VCI-400 but I would love to be able to use the Ipad for remix decks and sequencing them if possible. I may buy the Midi-Fighter Twister for this purpose but if this works for that and more, I would use it a lot.

  5. Deke Shipp says:


    This controller + my S2 MKII would make my disco sets unstoppable!! I’m a professional DJ / electronic artist in Charlottesville, VA focusing on disco (1977-Terje). Please allow me to an early chance to experience this interface and begin proselytizing (but not disclosing any code)!!

  6. Peter Kirn says:

    Heh, yes, I wrote this preview thanks to a reader tip. Haven’t tried it yet myself – but would love to, for CDM.

    • Traxus says:

      Hi Peter, thanks for the write up and I’d love to get you a copy; best to reply to the address I submitted the story at, or else accept my pending friend request on Facebook ( Nicolas Boileau) as to keep our emails away from the spam scrapers! Altrenatley, the contact form on my portfolio site will get you through as well:

  7. Ruben says:

    Hello, I am interested in testing your project. I’ve been also programming for the last to years on a control surface and have created a looping system for Ableton live. Many people are interested also and they are trying it. I am finishing a template for using it with Lemur also.
    You can get an idea visiting my website:

    I would love to try your template for lemur.

  8. iThe price whether I will become how much position? I would like to try soon. Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi Nicolas,

    My name is Jérôme, I’m a betatester and the French moderator for Native Instruments on the Traktor division.

    I tried to contact you by your contact form on your website but without sucess.

    It will be a pleasure to give you some feedback and test your template on the future Traktor beta version.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

    Have a nice day,


  10. Jason Brauer says:

    I’m throwing my wallet at my computer screen right now! Please take my money for this incredible
    template! Really looking forward to giving you my money for this!!

  11. Hi, this project looks amazing, can’t wait to use it, test it or buy it…and write a review about it on our blogs, and two music magazines I contribute. Our market is Music Producers in South America and this would have great success here, people use iPad and Lemur a lot for professional projects.

    Great Work!

  12. Scott Haggarty says:

    hi i am an artist from scotland and wondered if i might have the privelage of trying out your genius midi map treaxus its just a monster , as for pricing have you approached native instruments yet to see if the guys might be interested in an app partnership etc as for myself i think you have done a great job and suspect that you will sell loads if advertised correctly good luck anyway
    if you cant let me have a copy to try could you email me when it goes on release please many thanks and best regards Scott

  13. Philip Worrell says:

    I’m late to this party, this looks awesome. I really love Traktor and doing things on the fly to make things more interesting. I was considering getting the Twister then I cam across this. i have been integrating my ipad into traaktor using touchosc designing my own surfaces.

    Would love a preview copy to review on a major DJ site. email me for details.

    Thanks Philip

  14. Dj Lovegrove says:

    This looks like a brilliant controller!

    I used to DJ a lot around Birmingham Uk and I am looking to get back into it, I love mixing with my decks, but I want to add some extra tools and skills to my mixes, and would love to give this a go. I am more than willing to pay, I have made a few layouts myself and know it is very time consuming, this must have taken ages.

    I would be more than happy to agree to legal acknowledgment of a non-disclosure agreement!

    Thank you for your consideration.