Traxus Scratch Live version 1-1-2

I’ve made some minor ergonomic and asthetic updates to Traxus Scratch live, your new files should be in your inbox:

Hitting any key on the ascii keyboard will automatically set the focus to Serato’s search box. You no longer have to manually click the search box before typing to search for a file. The tab button near the arrow keys will allow you to navigate back into the file list. Due to limitations in Serato, pausing for over 15 seconds between keystrokes will cause Traxus Scratch Live to ‘forget’ that you’re in the search box, and therefore it will tell serato to reset the focus to the search, which clears your current content in the search box. I’m a fairly slow typer on the iPad, and found 15 seconds between keystrokes to be more than enough so I don’t forsee this limitation of the workaround causing any problems, and it actually does wonders to cut the mouse out of the equation when using Traxus Scratch Live.

I got a few bug reports regarding the load/Eject/Instant doubles buttons as well as the ABS/REL/INT buttons not working. Part of this may have been the users not holding the ‘Hold to Load/Modify’ button while using these functions. However, when playing the other day I ran into a similar problem even when holding the modify button. I looked into loopMidi and it was still receiving data, so I am not quite sure what the problem was, but I’ve applied some code that seems to have helped address the issue. The error was sporadic to begin with (thus I was having a difficult time reproducing it to debug) but I intend to monitor this functionality.

I’ve also had some concerns that the midi bindings for the INT/ABS/REL/THRU might be different for different serato cards and devices (I’m on the archaic SL1 myself). If you are having issues with just these functions, please email me at the address you received the templates from, and tell me which serato hardware you have.

One of the buttons in the keyboard had text that was not vertically centered. It was driving me insane and has since been remedied.

If you have ableton Live, and a second external audio card that has at least 4 mono channels in and 4 mono channels out, consider checking out the 4 channel able ton DJ mixer I made for use with Traxus Scratch Live. This one is a freebie, and I intend to write a setup tutorial for using it with Traxus Scratch Live whenever I get a minute. I played a breif set the other day and was very happy with the results, the only thing that tied me to my desk was the headphone cable (presuming you have a large enough monitor)

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