Interactive projection mapping

And here is your weekly dose of slightly incoherent ramblings on interactive projection mapping…

My personal interest tends to focus around projections that are reactive to music in a performance environment, especially by ways of midi. Most of the applications you or I have seen tend to be pre-rendered, or at best audio reactive via running a Fourier transform on the sound to pick up various amplitude spikes in different frequency ranges. The argument behind this is that the latency is unsurpassable, but I beg to differ. Take for instance this augmented reality pool table. No, its not using midi or OSC, nor is it displaying cpu intensive graphics, but I find the Tron-eqsque display quite elegant and the lag to be non existent…

A similar scenario using pong, or perhaps air hockey. Mind you this was done in 2008, and has a decent physics engine to boot.

And of course, we’ve all been dying to play Tetris on a wall. There is no custom programming here, just a baby step in such direction. What needs to happen, if it hasn’t already, is an open source, modular version of tetris. When I say modular, I mean the ability to define the size of the grid as to create an application that can be projected anywhere. Such an application would have inherent hiccups, naturally, a 2 unit wide grid wouldn’t make for a very interesting game, but a 30 unit wide grid could. Narrower grids would also have to communicate to the algorithm that chooses a random piece to avoid shapes that might not fit as well in the environment, either by negating them all together or by limiting their frequency.

Such modular versions of classic games may already exist, as evident by this next video, which opts to use windows with led lights as pixels rather than a projector. I admittedly have not done much digging to see whether the software exists and is affordable as this has largely been a subject of mental masturbation on my behalf.

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2 Responses to Interactive projection mapping

  1. Heath Manning says:

    Hi Traxus,

    Is this software available for pool players.
    I have a home table and woudl really like to install a system like this in my pool room.
    Can you email me back and let me know if this Tron-eqsque display software / system can be purchased.

    Thank you,


    • Traxus says:

      Hi, I am not sure, as it is just something I stumbled upon on youtube. You’re best bet would be to hit the actual video’s page and pursue it that way. I certinaly hope they have something commercially available but it looks more like a proof of concept (i.e. you might need to hire them for a custom install)… Good luck!