Traxus Scratch Live: Control Serato Scratch Live Platters, Looping, and EFX with Lemur.

(Purchase of Traxus Scratch Live has been disabled until we can sort out the quirks with Lemur 5)

Available immediately for purchase through paypal for $9.99 US. Your personalized template and serato mapping xml file will be emailed to the address associated with your paypal account or the email address you feed in when paying through credit card.

Announcing Traxus Scratch Live:
The first true touch screen midi platter controller for Serato Scratch Live

Traxus Scratch Live is a custom built Lemur template for controlling Serato Scratch Live wirelessly using the iPad 2 or newer.

Platter Features:

  • Fore and back scratching using the first true touch screen rotary platter for Serato Scratch Live.
  • Play Forward, Play Backward, and stop buttons.*
  • Adjustable Platter sensitivity.
  • Setting and Firing of up to 4 cue points.
  • Full control over pitch faders, including:
    • Coarse and fine Pitch faders
    • Ability to altrenate between all 5 pitch ranges (8%, 10%, 16%, 50%, 100%) *
    • Nudge buttons that can be altrenated to various functions: *
      • Platter nudge to fine tune the platter
      • Coarse nudge to step the coarse pitch fader value up or down
      • Fine nudge to step the fine pitch fader value up or down
  • Reset Pitch button to zero out all pitch faders *
  • Safety button to prevent accidental changing of more crucial functions

* (Starred features require the Safety button, located in the bottom left corner, to be activated before being changed)

Looping Features:

  • Select and change auto loop length
  • Selecting a loop length longer than 1/2 will automatically engage auto loop feature.
  • Loop roll pad, loop roll will activate until finger is lifted from pad.

Effects Features:

  • Select EFX BPM sync amount
  • Control 3 effects with our unique EFX pads:
    • Manipulate fader manually to set effect dry/wet per a normal knob or fader.
    • OR, initiate the pad in the bottom right corner for a more fluid fade in/out of the effect
      • use the freeze button to temporarily hold the fade in/ fade out of the effect
      • use the lock button to set the effect dry wet at the current value, and cancel any occuring fades
    • Control the fade in and fade out times for the EFX faders in the Envelope section
      • manually choose the Attack (Fade in) and Release (Fade Out) times using the knobs.
      • OR, hold the enable envelope button and drag the grid’s center point to shape the envelope by hand
        • set the range of the grid using the fader underneath it
      • OR, use the BPM sync options to choose how many beats you would like a fade into occur over! **
  • Use the master release button to release any cycling loop, as well as initiate a synced fade out of all 3 effects.

** Serato Scratch Live does not yet offer midi out, therefore the user must manually set the BPM for the envelope in the bottom left corner (you can also use the TAP button in the bottom right corner) to achieve accurate timing on the bpm synced fades.


  • Open the TraxusScratchLive.jzml file in your lemur editor and sync it to your lemur.
  • Copy the serato mapping .xml file into your serato midi xml folder (usually located in my music)
  • Open serato and load the mapping file under midi settings
  • Open lemur, follow the instructions on the screen to synchronize your PC with the template
  • Have fun.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Serato Scratch Live v2.4 and Accompanying hardware.
  • Apple iPad 2 or newer. (Might work with iPad 1, but no promises).
  • Lemur app for iPad and accompanying software.
  • Connection between Lemur and computer running Serato Scratch Live (wifi or midi).


  • Template and coding property of Traxus Interactive LLC. Do not redistribute without explicit consent.
  • Template provided as is, will support to the best of my ablities to accomodate future updates in Lemur and Serato Scratch Live.
  • Lemur is a trademark of, and owned and operated by Liine
  • Serato Scratch Live is a trademark of, and owned and operated by Rane
  • Neither Line, nor Rane are affiliated with Traxus Scratch Live, please address your support issues with the template here.
Traxus Scratch Live, the first Lemur template with true platter control for Serato Scratch Live


Traxus Scratch Live, the first Lemur template with true platter control for Serato Scratch Live
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7 Responses to Traxus Scratch Live: Control Serato Scratch Live Platters, Looping, and EFX with Lemur.

  1. Sam says:


    HAs this been tested on ipad first generation? Will it work on the iphone 5? You know they enable usable of ipad templates now

    • Traxus says:

      I have not been able to try it on an iPad 1 but I have some doubts whether it would perform very well, especially considering the updates I’ll be releasing soon. It might work okay with only 2 decks. I’m not sure how ergonomic the iPhone would be but I’m guessing the processing power should be fine.

  2. Steve Odessa says:

    Followed all steps and it wont work. The template comes up and I imported the xml file in serato midi. Nothing

    • Traxus says:

      Okay, make sure you’ve setup Lemur and its daemons correctly per these tutorials:

      You’ll need to setup input for MIDI TARGET 0, MIDI TARGET 1, as well as keyboard and mouse within the lemur daemon.

      • hugo says:

        Hello mate

        CXan I get a download file ? no email arrived as yet

        • Traxus says:

          Yes, downloads were re sent. It looks as though you’ve received them. We’ve had issues both with the paypal API (believe to be solved now) as well as the emails being marked as spam by some clients.

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