Traktor DJ for iPad

I was on the discchord blog earlier, which covers just about anything related to anything when it comes to electronic music on an iPad, when I came across their post about Traktor’s new App. My initial thought in regards to Traxus Scratch live, which I fully intended to port over to Traktor, was nothing short of  “LOLOWND”. As in, how could I or why would I bother competing with that by way of a Lemur template! But upon a closer look , it appears to be a stand alone app, and not a remote controller (the pros and cons of both are lightly touched upon in this recent article). Without having tried it, I can guarantee one thing, this app kicks the shit out of every other stand alone DJ app for iOS to date. Among other things, it allows you to feed into any class compliant audio interface for true stereo cueing and output.

It looks mighty impressive, although I was a bit bummed out that it doesn’t offer true remote capabilities, and in fact requires you to attach your iPad to an audio interface… If this continues to be their plan of action, i intend to persist on my plan of action to build a similar Lemur template for Traktor, however I also plan to go home and immediately buy this app.


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