4 Channel DJ Mixer With Lemur and Ableton

Per the second paragraph of Redefining the mobile DJ: walking away from the booth, I have roughed out a handy DJ mixer template for Ableton containing 4 Channels with 3 Band EQ, cross fading, and choice of 2 filters. I’ve built it with the intention of wiring audio directly out of my Serato Box and into another external audio interface as a means of bypassing a hardware mixer when using Traxus Scratch Live, but the channels can really be used for about anything. I’ve opted to keep this one a freebie since the ergonomics need a bit of fine tuning, and I’ve also utilized Softcore’s 3 Band DJ EQ for Ableton Live (Live’s EQ 3 is just abysmal).

Download from the Liine User Library

Included in the .zip file are the lemur template and .als file. In order to prevent conflicts with Traxus Scratch Live, I’ve set up the midi to transmit on target 1 rather than 0, be sure to set up target 1 in the Lemur daemon if you have not already



Each channel can be assigned to one of 2 filters that can be accessed by hitting the respective buttons in either of the bottom corners of the template.


Opening both filters will also grant access to the filter mixer. Select one side as master, and the other filters type will be set to the masters opposite, you can then use the breakpoint in the filter mixer to control both filters and fade between channels this way.


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