Serato Scratch Live & Lemur: Platter, EFX & Looping Control

Here is a quick video of the Lemur template I’ve been working on. It is, as far as I know, the first *true* touch screen platter controller for Serato Scracth Live.

Recent updates in the Lemur software allow us to finally utilize the knob, in encoder mode, as a true platter object for DJ software. Prior versions did not grant the programming ability to determine whether there was an active cursor on said knob, so while we could use it to scroll forwards and backwards, we could not use it simply prevent the platter from spinning. Previous, and very clever attempts at platter control for SSL had used the multiball object (as illustrated by Nathaniel Marrin, or npmarrin on the Serato Forums).  While the basic functionality was there, I found the actual implementation to be rather sloppy and unreliable. For several reasons, utilizing the updated knob object instead provides for much more accurate control (visible towards the end of the video).

Once I got the platter control working, I went a little bonkers building modules for the looping and EFX. Of particular interest are the EFX pads which are setup for a chain of three effects. The screen with 3 vertical faders controls the effects paramaters, with each fader being mapped to a master knob of one effect. Nothing to brag about there, however, to the right of each fader is a square pad, holding this pad will increase the faders value according to the attack value on the pad, and letting go will decrease the faders value according to the pad’s release value. This allows for an organic breathing and teasing of the three effects. Furthermore, there is an enevelope control section by which you can set the attack and decay of the three pads, either in sync with the bpm (since serato has no midi out, you have to manually set the bpm) or to any millisecond value up to ~100 seconds…

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