NewD Media @ DEMF 2010: Projection Map of the Day.

A quick compilation from our friends over at NewD Media and their VJ setup at the DEMF 2010 underground stage.

NewD Media Presents – CITY of SOLITUDE Projection Mapping @ Movement Detroit 2010 from NewD Media / Vger the VJ on Vimeo.

Upon seeing my friends footage of this event after the fact, I became immediately frustrated with whomever was responsible for running the DMX lighting rig. While the map looks fantastic on screen, we were having a much more difficult time appreciating the visuals in person, as the contrast ratio was very minimal due to the lighting. The last couple of shows I’ve been to that had serious projection mapping going on (namley Flying Lotus and Amon Tobin) actually did away with DMX entirely for an awesome result. Mind you, projection mapping at events was still in its absolute infancy back in 2010, especially for Detroit. This may very well have the first major event in the city to experience the phenomenon. Point being, trying to explain this to the promoters who have only known DMX their entire lives, and more over the guy whose career depends on plugging in and working those rigs is undoubtedly a tough sell. Hopefully videos like this will help lubricate that transition, lest we perpetually lust for the day where audio, projections, and lighting communicate seamlessly over MIDI, or some to-be-invented protocol…


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