Jamie Jones – Frequencies

Good God may I have my face back now? Here is but one from a slew of heaters Jamie Jones released on his lateset LP Tracks from the Crypt. It’s quite rare that I’m able to appreciate even one track on a release by any given artist however this is just the cream of a well sewed and reaped crop (Stems from Hackney is right up there too). The entire release hovers around that comfortable medium between Techno, Deep House and Tech House. The basslines absolutely reek (in the best way possible) of passive aggressive funk and are frequently (…frequency…) accompanied by eerie vocals that maintains the mood. This is the kind of release for a crowd who can appreciate a banger that doesn’t give them/you a headache. If you’re average heater is Jim Beam, this is an 18 year old of Highland Park scotch.

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