Steve Bug – This Is Acid

And now for a track that has been sitting in my WordPress draft pile for months… Steve Bug hits us with a classic acid squeaker ‘This is Acid’ that bridges the gap between Brett Johnson/DJ Heather’s Everything’s Electric and John Tejada’s Sweat On The Walls (another classic from Pokerflat). This track should, by all means, be a tired cliche. A TB-303 (or some kind of clone) carrying the entire track, with vocals about acid?.. I’d normally be ranting (not raving) about how that scene got old and died (or got stuck in an awful permatrip) in Chicago twenty or so years ago. However the bass line is passive-aggressive enough to remain contemporary, and the vocals are so self reflexive that we end up with a modern day heater that doubles as a road map out of your 4 AM panic attack resulting from the uncertinanty about that second or third hit you just ingested. Indeed, Mr. Bug, this is acid.

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