Terranova – Boogie For The Dollar Feat. Khan

Another from the Kompakt label, another from Terranova. A tad redundant, but this track knocked my inner jaded raver onto its ass so hard that it took me a moment to realize that there in fact was no balloon to begin with, and thus my fears of having let all of the nitrous escape from said baloon were completely un-substantiated. (The cake is a lie because there is no spoon). I went so far as to make a special beatport order, just to purchase it and the accompanying track ‘So Strong’. I concluded that something this raw and this original deserve a VIP safe pass beyond my normal once a month wallet saving triage of tracks in the shopping cart.

It hovers on the minimal end of tech house. Flare aside, a single four bar tribal-ish drum loop is different and dynamic enough to serve as a backbone for the entirety of the track. Sparse vocals invite you to ponder their meaning, as anything this abstract should. Then just as all that is starting to sound like another boring rehash of the 2006 minimal craze*, this siren of a melody, reminiscent of the outro of Berlin’s The Metro, kicks in and lingers just long enough for you to to compare the two before morphing into all kinds of detuned harmonic microcosms that will have your fingers clamping down on non existent balloons all the same.

This sounds like what I would like a rave to sound like.

*If you have not yet recovered from the 2006MNMLCRZ, we now refer to it as the 2006 minimal craze. More is more, and vowels are in full effect.

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