Larse – So Long

I find myself strangely attracted to this piece. It feels poppy, almost to the point where I wouldn’t enjoy it. However the mood–that strange uplifting melancholy that reminds us of the peaks and troughs of our everyday conditon– is well enough defined that I found the time to write something about it. From the get go, the vocals don’t quite do it for me on their own, but as a whole the track comes together and I find myself anticipating their return come the second or third chorus. The reprise oscillates between a simple, subtle almost acid lead contrasted with the harmonic texture of a pad in it’s background, and a bass line that would be unrealistically uplifting if it weren’t for that faint guitarish riff behind it to tie the entirety of the instrumentals together. After a hit of this, the vocals seem to fall in place. In the end we arrive with a track that is comfortably human for something that can be found in beatport’s top 10 of the moment…

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