Prodigy and the Definition of Modern Art

I’ve never been a huge fan of Prodigy, their sound is generally too stadium-rave-esqe high energy for my tastes. Translated, that’s techno elitist for ‘its too fun and shallow for my acid peak at 4 in the morning’. Nevertheless, they helped introduce sampling to the main stream, as you’ll notice in Jim Pavloff‘s awesome Ableton Live recreation of their classic Smack My Bitch Up. The only bit of original music they used was an acid bass line with about 4 different notes (props to whoever figured out all of those sample sources):

I’m sure we are all well aware of the comedic, sometimes snooty, yet thoughtfully accurate definitions of modern art floating around the web. My favorite being a comic of one person looking at a line through an otherwise blank canvas and saying to another “Well, I could have done that“. The other, silent for a moment replies “Perhaps, but you didn’t“.

In relation to this, and many other electronic tracks, yes… you could have done that too, but you didn’t, and you especially didn’t do it twenty years ago with 1990’s analog technology.

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