Mental Bright (Plaslaiko Remix)

And now, a message from one of the the most under-rated people in Detroit Techno*, Derek Plaslaiko**. The mother fucker’s last name is practically plastik and he sure as hell lives up to it with his recent remix of Ludovic Vendi’s Mental Bright. Nobody, and I mean nobody, from your auntie’s cousin to Richie Hawtin (that would be Itchie Rawtin Hoochie on a good night), gets my feet moving as consistently as this guy when he’s on the decks.

Extra Credit (not to dog on Mr. Vendi):

  • Listen to the oringal mix
  • Ponder it’s meaning
  • Listen to Plaslaiko’s remix
  • Appreciate the quadruple hit of acid he concocted from the stems of the original
  • Spit out whatever kool-aid I, you or he may have just fed you
  • Listen to the oringal mix again
  • Listen to Plaslaiko’s remix again
  • Pick up the puddles of your melted face off the floor

*To be specific, he is now Detroit via Berlin per his recent move.
**Derek: when you get a break from melting faces, un-melt your website.

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