Kieran Foster: Contemporary of the Moment

After two posts highlighting his work, and a solid 20 minutes of internet-stalking through his website, I’ve concluded that Kieran Foster is basically an older, smarter and quite possibly better looking (well that’s just taste, right?) version of me. Its a good thing he and I don’t live in the same neighborhood or I would have to cause irreparable harm to him per that awful 90’s movie Face Off. Luckily for he, and whatever funds I would scrape together in legal defense, the guy lives over in Europe (UK to be exact), where they seem to do everything we do at least 3 times better than us. And they have Amsterdam.

You might recognize him as the creator of dBlue: Glitch, a VST plugin that is practically its own DAW. Or as the programmer behind that trippy generative isometric graphics project from awhile back. Or, more recently, his contribution in this frustrating, laser-tastic, addicting asteroids remake that words cannot describe:

Anyhow, in an attempt to avoid lazily re-posting any more of his work as a substitute for creating my own, I have christened this new segment, Contemporary of the Moment. You’ll appreciate the use of the word moment, as in, there might be a several month gap before there is another and this segment can rightfully be called a segment.

Until then, take a look at Kieran Foster’s work. –You might have noticed that the novelty of posting things on wordpress has worn off for him. Perhaps we will all share such fortune some day?

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