Great Minds Think.

Sometimes, they even think alike. An original and profound statement, I know. Our agreement on this matter would signify us thinking alike again, further proof to this point. Anyhow, now that you’re all finished getting your mind blown, you might be interested in this other face melting piece of information that I happened upon.

I was cruising the sparsely updated Resolume Developers forum when I came across this interesting take on a randomized particle clip designed by programmer, graphic artist, videographer, and contemporary Nicola Destefan of Italy. Very similar to a piece I wrote for Resolume called Orbgy, though you can’t quite tell because he has designed that nifty interface to control the Resolume parameters with, and I have merely thought really hard about programming such an interface. Granted, I stopped thinking so hard about it when I saw his, and instead focused my attention towards the best way of politely nagging him into sharing that code with me.

You can see the clip by clicking the image below. My feeling is that his programming is a lot less expensive in terms of cpu resources than mine in Orbgy, although mine adds and removes particles more gracefully. Not that you could tell without a nifty interface like his has *jealous grumble*.

My Custom Dots by Nicola Destefanis

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