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Kieran Foster: Contemporary of the Moment

After two posts highlighting his work, and a solid 20 minutes of internet-stalking through his website, I’ve concluded that Kieran Foster is basically an older, smarter and quite possibly better looking (well that’s just taste, right?) version of me. Its … Continue reading

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Great Minds Think.

Sometimes, they even think alike. An original and profound statement, I know. Our agreement on this matter would signify us thinking alike again, further proof to this point. Anyhow, now that you’re all finished getting your mind blown, you might … Continue reading

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Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles pulls it out from deeper than deep to remix Marvin Zeyss’ Next To You Deep Sex Groove for 4 in the morning.

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Are You Sick of…

Are you sick of that one Robin S loop being sampled yet? I’ve found at least one person who isn’t.

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(I’ll be Alright)

Deep house, the way it should be.

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Isometric AS3 visualization

While some of us struggle with writing classes for bouncing particles, other manage to churn out visual mind fucks like this: Generative Graphics Experiment. October 29th 2009. from Kieran Foster on Vimeo.

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Free VST: Commodore 64

A minimal layout of 8 (even 6 if you want it) bit goodness! And its free.

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Free VST of the day: Glitch

This looks hella promising… A free VST called Glitch. A quick look at the manual hints that it is well documented and quite extensive. 16 Pattern banks with up to 64 steps each. Lots of randomization. I just wish there … Continue reading

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Projection map of the day

Just shut up and look at these lasers trace these boxes. Now look at this cool particle trace effect I made in flash. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember that I mentioned that cool thing in a post not … Continue reading

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